コピックを利用してくださるアーティストの皆さまの新しい経済圏を創出することを目指し、NFT (Non-Fungible Token:非代替性トークン)を活かしたサービスとしてCOPIC AWARD NFT STOREをオープンいたしました。



With the aim of creating a new economic sphere for COPIC users, the COPIC AWARD NFT STORE was created in collaboration with the Too Digital Marketplace as an NFT service (Non-Fungible Token).As a new additional prize, artists of winning works from COPIC AWARD 2022 and previous Awards may opt to make their work available for sale as NFTs (digital copies) on our STORE. Sales of all NFTs currently in the STORE are made with the artist's consent.

We will not convert any AWARD entries to NFTs and sell them without the consent of the artist. Except for handling fees, all profits from NFT sales will be directed to the individual artist.

購入前の注意点/Important notice




Please note the following points when making purchases.

1.The NFT sold on this site are digital data scanned or photographed with the author's permission from the actual work produced by the author themself.

2.The NFT purchased and held on this site can be resold on this site or bought and sold on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces from September 2023. Please note that this becomes the responsibility of the purchaser.

3. You can download and use the NFT Arts immediately after purchase, but please note that it may take a few days to change your registration as an NFT.



    「COPIC AWARD」とは、世界中のコピックファンを作品でつなぎ、コピックでの作画・制作をより楽しいものにすることを目的としたコンテストです。


    The COPIC AWARD is a competition that provides an opportunity to share diverse artworks created using Copic products. It connects Copic fans from around the world to inspire each other and to enjoy a collective creative experience.

    Anyone can enter regardless of age, nationality, or genre.

    COPIC AWARD 2022 
  • What is COPIC?


    Copic is a brand of professional quality markers founded in 1987 by the Too Groupin Tokyo, Japan. Our durable graphic markers are alcohol-based, refillableand available in various designs and in 358 colors to suit individual nee

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    Too implies "exceeding things before the dot and being continuous challenges". Hough we are looking forward to our 100th anniversary, we have always looked ahead in our ever-changing world. Expression and communication are elements that are always inspired by cutting-edge technology and ideas. Too strives to support people that are looking to create by exploring new design values and become a contributing company for the global design culture.

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